X8 Fixed Wing UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)
An intermediate level aerial system incorporating Panda2 Auto Pilot Module
  • Aerodynamic Design
  • Secure and stable
  • Portable
  • Fully Automatic Operation
  • Auto Take-Off and Landing
  • Extended Flight Time
Aerodynamic Design in a Premium Construction
X8 offers better aerodynamic efficiency over other competitive products. With a design that aims to significantly reduce
frictional force from the flow field, the X8 deliver a steady, yet extremely stable, flying experience.
Heavy Lifting Power
X8 is capable of carrying up to 600g, including the SONY α7 series camera.
All-In-One System Fully Realizing Feiyu Engineering Excellence
X8 utilizes Feiyu-designed Panda 2 Auto Pilot Module to enable effortless flying
control for both professional and beginner pilots.
  • dvanced Auto Take-Off and Auto Landing System and Mouse Controlled Flight
  • With Auto Pilot and Manual Control options, pilots can truly rely on the Panda II to control their desired flight paths. Panda II is compatible with most popular RC remote devices.
  • Intelligent Return System self-activation on signal lost
  • Supports fixed distance or fixed timing aerial photography triggers. Utilizes POS data record module to record current flight’s information at the time of the photo. Information includes: longitude, latitude, altitude, speed and etc.
  • Multiple Flight Mode: Air Route Navigation Mode,Fixed Circling Mode, Auto Return to Home (RTH) Mode, Auto Take-off
  • Real time display of all flight statistics including main battery voltage, mAh consumed, Amp draw, GPS satellite strength and temperature of the autopilot unit.
Easy Assembly and Disassembly
New wing design uses a special locking mechanism. Once the wings are detached, the X8’s physical size is highly
reduced. Users will appreciate its easy-to-carry nature in its specialized backpack.
Extended Flight Time
Significant improvements are made to the engineering of X8 battery. Enabling much longer flight time in
comparison to other aerial systems.Flight Time up to 90 minutes
Advanced Auto Take-Off and Auto Landing System
X8 can take-off on uneven landscapes with the help of the specialized launching pad. It can also securely land on
a predefined location by using its parachute system in high altitude.
Polished Ground Station Software
By incorporating the Google Earth platform, the ground station software offers a clean interface with easy access to
all available controls. (Supports multiple languages)
Ease of Photo Post-Production
Various POS data are recorded to deliver more accurate flight information at the time of the photo.
These data help users organize their photo, reducing the overall post-processing effort.
All-Purpose Aerial System
X8 series aerial system can be used for various initiatives, including but not limited to: landscape surveillance,
mining exploration, disaster prevention and wildlife preservation programs.